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Building Interiors

Green Cleaning

WVU Operations initiated a thorough review of its cleaning procedures and cleaning supplies in 2009. Since then, the unit has reduced the number of different chemical-containing cleaning products from 129 to 14. It also has a commitment to choosing recycled content supplies for restrooms and waste bins, as well as training campus service workers on proper usage of products and procedures to reduce waste of supplies and resources like energy and water. Visit the Facilities Management Operations page to learn more.

Indoor Air Quality, Low-VOC Paints and Furnishings

WVU Environmental Health and Safety administers an Indoor Air Quality Program to ensure safe and healthy spaces for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. WVU building standards dictate that low or no-VOC paints shall be used. Interior furnishing such as office furniture and other seating and carpeting are selected to minimize impact on indoor air quality and provide recycling opportunities at the end of their usable life.

Building Exteriors and Grounds

Building exteriors are maintained foremost for safety and health. Sustainable features of building facades on newer buildings are in part dictated by LEED-equivalent building standards, which are further explained on the Energy page. University grounds crews consider sustainability in all phases of the maintenance cycle. Perennial plant species that are native to our region's climate are used in many planting beds. Natural landscape waste is taken to the WVU farm to be composted. Integrated pest management practices are used to prevent pest issues rather than react to them.

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