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Green Cleaning

WVU considers environmental impact, efficacy, and cost effectiveness when evaluating cleaning products. The Operations team:
  • Reduced number of different cleaning products from over 120 to less than 20.
  • Installed automatic chemical dilution systems in custodial closets to safely dispense cleaning products and reduce packaging. Aerosol cleaners have been reduced by over 90% with use of these systems.
  • Utilizes recycled content paper towels and toilet paper in restrooms.
  • Utilizes recycled content liners for landfill and recycling bins.
  • Saves over 4,500 rolls of paper towels per year by utilizing microfiber cleaning cloths that can be laundered over 500 times. The microfiber program also extends to wet mops, dust mops, and hand dusters.

Indoor Air Quality, Low-VOC Paints and Furnishings


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