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WVU is committed to decrease the amount of energy use on campus by 10%. Using the three pillars of sustainability through people, planet, and prosperity, WVU’s energy conservation efforts serve as an example for students and citizens by pragmatically applying innovative technical and policy research, acting as better stewards of the state’s natural resources, and saving the university money through reduced use of utilities.

Performance Contracting with Siemens

Performance contracting provides physical infrastructure efficiency improvements with minimal up-front costs, and uses the savings to pay for the work over time. WVU began its contract with partner Siemens in 2006, and is now in its 3rd phase. Energy efficient upgrades such as new HVAC systems, improved lighting, and low-flow water fixtures have increased energy efficiency in over 75 campus buildings.

Building to LEED Equivalent Standards

All new buildings and renovation projects meet many requirements that are used to fulfill LEED certification, though WVU does not apply for official status from the US Green Building Council. Some of the LEED certification criteria that WVU implements into their projects include but are not limited to:

Behavior-Based Energy Conservation

In addition to making physical changes to buildings, WVU is getting the entire campus involved to adopt simple daily habits like turning off lights when leaving a room, unplugging electronics when not is use, maintaining recommended office temperatures, and using centralized printers and scanners. To learn more about WVU's energy picture and what you can do, visit the Let's Conserve page on this site. 

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