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Recycling at WVU Begins with You

With our recycling guide, you can quickly become a pro and help your fellow peers in creating a brighter and cleaner campus.

Download a printable recycling guide

Specialized Recycling

Learn how you can dispose of less common recyclable items.

  1. Electronics

    Electronic property at the end of its usable life should go through WVU’s surplus property system. Items that are not sold through surplus are recycled through a third-party vendor.

    WVU is hosting a free electronics recycling event on Friday, March 23, 2018 from 8 am to 2 pm in the Coliseum Parking Lot.

  2. Textiles

    WVU has four textile bins open for 24/7 recycling of clothing and linens.

    • Mountaineer Station Intermodal Facility
    • West Entrance of the Student Recreation Center
    • Health Sciences Center South Parking Lot- Area 90
    • Stansbury Hall Parking Lot-Area 11
  3. Metal

    WVU recycles large metal items generated in its operations, such as renovation and construction. Many furniture items that contain metal can be recycled as well, but are subject to WVU surplus guidelines.

    Make a metal pick-up request
  4. Batteries

    Alkaline: High-volume users may request a pickup via work order once they have collected about a gallon-size jug worth of batteries. UPS’s/Battery

    Back-Ups: WVU recycles battery back-ups for IT departments. Pick-ups can be scheduled via Environmental Health & Safety.

    Request a Battery pick-up
  5. Toner & Ink Cartridges

    Departments can request toner and ink cartridge recycling by calling 304-293-9500 once they have filled a banker box size full of contents.

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