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WVU/PACE Shredding Program

How it works:

  1. Customers box documents in cardboard boxes, which will not be returned. Customer DO NOT need to remove paper clips, binder clips, hanging file folders, etc.
  2. Customers fill out the online request form to request a pick-up of documents once they have read and understand the pricing structure and shredding procedures.
  3. PACE Shredding contacts the customer to clarify any details and to schedule a pick-up date and time.
  4. PACE picks up materials and shreds them according to NAID guidelines.
  5. WVU customers receive a certificate of destruction and invoice from WVARF, the administrator of the state-use contract that includes PACE’s services. Payment is due 30 days from billing date.
Request a Pickup

Download a list of acceptable shredding materials

Standard 1 cubic ft box $2.75 per box
Oversize 1-3 cubic ft box $4.50 per box
Non-paper destruction $0.35 per pound
Expedited purge service $250 per occurrence
Palletizing charge $1 per box

$31.50 is the minimum service charge for all document purges.


Minimum Service Charge

A minimum service charge is required for each separate pick-up request form, payment method, and certificate of destruction. For example, if an office has PACE pick-up of 10 boxes on a Monday and 10 boxes on a Friday, each separate pick-up will generate the $31.50 minimum service charge.

Expedited Purge Charge

This charge is applied when a customer requests purge service within 48 hours.

Palletizing Charge

A charge of $1.00 per box will be assessed when a spending unit request bulk removal of 20 or more boxes and the boxes are not placed on pallets and shrink wrap placed around the boxes. If the boxes are palletized and shrink wrap is in place, there will be no additional charge.

About PACE Shredding

PACE Shredding is AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). AAA Certification addresses concerns regarding proper handling and destruction of FERPA and HIPAA protected documents and information storage systems.

Learn more about AAA Certification

PACE helps people with disabilities find meaningful and gainful employment. The mission is accomplished by providing training and support, job creation, and linkages with local employers. In 1972, the vision of the founders of PACE Enterprises was to give job opportunities in the local community for people with disabilities. Today, over 200 people are part of PAC Enterprises and take pride in their work and independence.

Contact Us

Office of Sustainability
P.O. Box 6555
Morgantown, WV 26506-6555
Phone: 304.293.7916

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